Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy™

Here at Cosmedics we use the Viora Diamond abrasion system so there are no messy crystals used and the level of Microdermabrassion is deeper and more successful than non medical systems available on the high street.

Proper treatment before and after a Viora Diamond  treatment is vital in accentuating the results achieved. Proper skin preparation is necessary to remove make-up and surface dirt, oil, and residue prior to the procedure, but post-treatment care is just as essential. For this purpose, we recommended the use of Agera or Skinceuticals Skin Care Products. 

These products have been specifically selected and tested by Dr.Lalloo for use with the Viora Diamond Microdermabrasion System. Each of our combination treatments assist in achieving optimum results and are available to suit every skin type.

Can I have this procedure done at a beauty salon?
No. Our medical products offer maximum clinical benefits and are classified as medical devices. 

What is Viora Diamond ?
The Viora Diamond  Microdermabrasion System is an intense exfoliation process that rejuvenates the skin by utilizing ultra-fine aluminium oxide crystals to remove the upper layer of the stratum corneum. At the same time, the hand piece of the instrument contains a vacuum tube that sweeps up both the crystals and the skin's cellular debris. This process exfoliates the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin which will result in a firmer, more youthful looking skin over time.

What are its uses?
The Viora Diamond  Microdermabrasion System buffs the skin of fine lines and discoloration while refining texture and hue. Repeated treatments yield excellent results for scar revision (whether from acne, chicken pox, or even surgery scars) as well as deep discoloration, melasma, and tattoo removal. 

What are Viora Diamond  treatments like?
With the aid of micro crystals vacuumed through a delicate hand piece, held at a precise angle to the skin, a technician effects a superficial skin polishing. In as little as 15-30 minutes, this gentle abrasive technique efficiently produces satisfying results. Treatments are applied through a course of weekly sessions. The Viora Diamond  Microdermabrasion System can enhance skin condition and do what no other available treatment can (without surgery) in combating the signs of aging skin. Most importantly, it is safe to use on all skin types and colours.

How often can I get a Viora Diamond  treatment?
Every 7 to 10 days for up to 12-15 treatments. Monthly treatments are recommended to maintain best results.

What's the down time?
Unlike chemical peels, laser resurfacing, or plastic surgery, there is little or no down time. At most, patients will be pink (and must consequently wear sunscreens diligently) for a day or two after the treatment. 

What's the down time?
Viora Diamond  microdermabrasion treatments do not burn like laser or acid treatments and last about15-30 minutes, and do not cause any disruptions to normal activities. There is less discomfort and recovery is fast. Furthermore, Viora Diamond  is effective on all body areas. Chemical peels and laser resurfacing are most effective on the face but are not as safe and are less effective on the neck, chest, and hands. The Viora Diamond  system is superb on the face and on the hands (even the knuckles), chest, neck, knees, elbows, etc.